Engage your workforce in sustainability behavioral change

Climate Brief is a quirky and fun content series that tackles the sustainable transformation for organisations to engage all employees and animate training programs.


Two episodes in free access

Planet Boundaries


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Climate Brief tackles sustainable transition with a business angle. It translates complex environmental issues through interesting, relatable, smart and humorous bite-sized videos that allow you to reach a large audience and engage least-informed employees.

Climate Brief allows you to reach mobile employees, that might not have access to training tools and have a lack time

Climate Brief engages with your employees over time: before, after and while following a training program.

And feed your internal communication plan with white labelled content on environmental topics all over the year!

  • Annual Subscription: 18 episodes per year. 
  • Length: 5 minutes per episode
  • Format: decoding, debunk myths, interviews
  • Languages: French and English
  • Deployment: We give MP4 files to clients so that they can share the videos on all channels they want to use. We can also send a newsletter with the videos directly to their employees (with Mailchimp)
  • Deployment: all internal communication channels (newsletter, chat, LMS...).

Who is Climate Brief for?

Climate Brief is for ESG, communications and HR departments within organizations that want to engage all their workforce or animate a training program.